Building A Business Part 1 - Looking Forward To The Remainder Of 2022

Building A Business Part 1 - Looking Forward To The Remainder Of 2022

Frankly has been in business for over two years now. As we continue to grow, change, evolve and shape our products and services into something that we are continuously proud of we wanted to talk to our friends, family, clients and supporters more about what we are up to, what we stand for, and where we are heading. Because of this, we created the ‘Building a Business’ series - where we talk openly about the journey the company is taking and where it is heading!

Driving out of Covid

Leading into the back half of 2021, Frankly was growing at a rate that felt like a rocket ship taking off. Having had a number of new clients and a lot of new technology being built, the business felt like it was about to burst at its seams due to pressure. The problem is that for sustainable growth you need structures, and it feels like you need them every day. Although Covid was an absolute thorn in everyones side, it gave us time to reflect on what we needed as a business and what systems we needed to put in place to be successful driving out of the covid period. People say you can’t be successful without a strong team and this could not be more true. At Frankly, we are lucky to have everyone on the same mission and that is something that should never be taken for granted.

What does the back half of 2022 look like? 

Frankly is arguably in its most exciting position yet. As we look forward to the next six months, we continue to push forward with our products and services, we have done lots of things along the way and learnt a whole bunch in the process. I like to say we have evolved from ‘starting a business’ to now ‘building a business’. More than ever we believe it is important to have a mathematical and analytical approach to marketing. We are seeing true value and magic when a company's creative and brand genius is combined with our data-centric, mathematical approach to solving problems. Next month we continue our push into Australia as we go to meet some of our clients and partners in Sydney. Frankly is forecasting to have an office in Australia in late 2022/early 2023 and this is all part of us progressing that plan further, if you are in Australia and want to grab a coffee, drink or dinner, sing out as we would love to catch-up. We are excited to show the Australian market what innovative New Zealand companies can do! 

We are continuing to develop, improve and shape the product side of our business. We currently have 2 products that are helping us service insight and solve problems for our clients and partners. The Frankly Brand Health Indicator is now an incredibly valuable tool that is allowing us to measure and attribute the impact that top line marketing spend is having on brand. Our unique approach to reverse engineering datasets using a variety of regression analysis is helping clients have more effective marketing spend and greater impact. This product is now in V2 and is scaling fast, we have a host of new and exciting partners we are working with and are wanting to talk to more people who are interested in upping their brand based analysis. If you want to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to talk you through it. 

Our research tool Frankly Insights is also moving nicely with clients and partners using and embracing the fact that they can now access research and insights fast and easy without the need to trawl through endless articles. If you are interested in being a beta user please reach out as we would love to share more information with you.

Overall, we are excited to share what is coming up at Frankly and where we are headed over the next 6 months. We are really appreciative and grateful of all the support we get from partners, clients and our advisors. We could not be doing the work we do without the unbridled support you give us on a daily basis. If we can help in any way whatsoever please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

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