Unleash Innovation and Creativity. At Frankly, we cultivate a culture where data-driven insights fuel transformative business and digital decision-making. With our range of services, we empower you to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results. Join us at the forefront of innovation, unlocking limitless potential.

Together, we shape a brighter digital landscape, redefining success through data-driven strategies. Embrace the power of innovation with Frankly and ignite your journey towards excellence.


Frankly: delivering unparalleled digital analytics services. Extracting valuable insights from your data to fuel informed decision-making. From comprehensive data analysis to performance optimization, we equip your business with the tools to maximize your measurement.

  • Digital analytics 

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Data Science

  • Data Visualistion 

  • Measurement Framework

  • Analytics strategy.

  • Google Analytics 4 Training and Workshops.


Frankly: Igniting Digital Success. Achieve greatness with our expert SEO, search, and digital strategies. Enhance visibility, optimise rankings, shape campaigns. Partner with Frankly for informed decisions and sustained growth.

  • Digital Strategy

  • SEO

  • Search/Adwords

  • Paid Media (Social, Display, Native)

Media Mix Modelling

Elevate Your Insights with the power of Media Mix Modelling. At Frankly, we excel in delivering state-of-the-art media mix modelling services. Our adept team harnesses sophisticated algorithms and data-driven analyses to craft revolutionary solutions for optimising your media strategies.

  • Media Mix Modelling

  • Foot traffic Analysis

  • Diminishing Return Analysis

  • Media Strategy

  • Economic Return Strategy


Frankly: Unleashing Research Excellence. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional research solutions. With our expertise, we uncover insights, analyse data, and provide actionable recommendations. Partner with Frankly to make informed decisions and drive transformative outcomes in your research.

  • Market Research 

  • Quantitative Research

Artificial Intelligence

Frankly: Empowering AI Consulting. We specialise in delivering cutting-edge AI consulting services. Our expert team leverages advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to drive transformative AI solutions. Partner with Frankly for informed AI strategies and implementation.

  • Strategy Development

  • Solution Development

  • Implementation

Strategic Advisory

Frankly: Guiding Digital Success. Our strategic advisory services empower businesses as a trusted head of digital. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, we provide comprehensive guidance and actionable strategies. Partner with Frankly for informed decision-making and digital transformation.


Frankly is proud to partner with a range of clients in a number of different industries.

  • Jarden

  • Jarden Direct

    Jarden Direct
  • Precinct Properties

    Precinct Properties
  • The Better Packaging Co.

    The Better Packaging Co.
  • Tile Warehouse

    Tile Warehouse
  • Centuria Captial

    Centuria Captial
  • Faradays

  • Voice Brand Agency

    Voice Brand Agency
  • Aotea

  • CNZ

  • LINZ

  • Dadelszen

  • The Duo

    The Duo
  • Get Cars

    Get Cars
  • O-I Glass Australia

    O-I Glass Australia
  • Good Gold

    Good Gold
  • Aspiring Law

    Aspiring Law
  • Yu Mei

    Yu Mei
  • Lullabuy

  • Reejig

  • Sans Ceuticals

    Sans Ceuticals
  • Originair

  • Safety 'n Action

    Safety 'n Action
  • Wild HQ

    Wild HQ
  • Datamars

  • Aspire2 Group

    Aspire2 Group
  • Augusta Capital

    Augusta Capital
  • Te Hiringa Mahara

    Te Hiringa Mahara
  • Tronque

  • Oji Fibre Solutions

    Oji Fibre Solutions
  • Rookie Academy

    Rookie Academy
  • apm

  • Z-Tags

  • Tru-Test

  • Jarden Wealth

    Jarden Wealth
  • FirstCape


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