About Frankly

Frankly Analytics is a data-driven management consulting firm operating out of New Zealand and Australia. Our vision is to help clients, across all industries, use data and analytics in purposeful ways to drive business growth and unrivalled ROI from marketing and business activities, and in an environment that can be measured.

At Frankly Analytics, we like to see the world through the lens of innovation and creativity, and in doing so, strive to build a culture that allows both our employees and partners to push the boundaries of what can be achieved when using data to inform your business and digital decision making. We believe that actionable insights are everything, and bridging the gap between commercials, digital, and data, is the sweet spot where true strategic innovation and business growth happens.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to tackle accelerated digital uncertainty. It’s time to align data and analytics, alongside decision-making to create actionable insights. Quite "Frankly", it’s time to get out of the traditional agency and consulting model, and into the Frankly Analytics lab.

Leadership team

Alex JordanFounder & Managing Director
Simon Stanley-HarrisDirector of Product & Marketing Intelligence