Frankly is a marketing consultancy that views the world through a mathematical lens. Our vision is to help clients, across all industries, use data and analytics in purposeful ways to drive business growth and unrivalled ROI from marketing and business activities, and in an environment that can be measured.

At Frankly, we like to see the world through the lens of innovation and creativity, and in doing so, strive to build a culture that allows both our employees and partners to push the boundaries of what can be achieved when using data to inform your business and digital decision-making.

What we do

Frankly provides consulting services to help you optimise the link between data and decision-making. We are client-obsessed and work with you to understand your business objectives, and transition insights into actions.

We encourage you to embrace change and empower you with comprehensive data, deep-dive and predictive analytics, and robust gap analysis, to name a few.

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Our Approach

Our approach is underpinned by four critical steps:

  • Analyse the history of your business, customers, and industry.

  • Find opportunities in the market based on your business' current strengths and weaknesses.

  • Implement and execute findings based off the opportunities analysis.

  • Continuous monitoring, benchmarking and testing until we find the formula that generates the highest return on investment.

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We believe that actionable insights are everything, and bridging the gap between commercials, digital, and data, is the sweet spot where true strategic innovation and business growth happens. It's time to think differently. It's time to tackle accelerated digital uncertainty. It's time to align data and analytics, alongside decision-making to create actionable insights. Quite "Frankly", it's time to get out of the traditional agency and consulting model, and into the Frankly lab.


  • Analytics

  • Digital

  • Media Mix Modelling

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Research

  • Strategic Advisory

What makes us different

  • Agile-focused

    Being a small team allows us to be agile-focused, so we are always ready to pivot and adapt depending on your business needs.

  • Insights over information

    One of our core principles is “insight over information”. We find actionable insights to improve your decision-making, rather than giving you meaningless information.

  • Specialists, not generalists

    Although we have a breadth of knowledge, we are experts in our field when it comes to problem solving because we know the ins and outs of our craft.

  • We care

    We care about your business as if it were our own, and work closely with you to get the best results possible.


Frankly is proud to partner with a range of clients in a number of different industries.

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    Jarden Direct
  • Precinct Properties

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  • The Better Packaging Co.

    The Better Packaging Co.
  • Tile Warehouse

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  • Centuria Captial

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  • Faradays

  • Voice Brand Agency

    Voice Brand Agency
  • Aotea

  • CNZ

  • LINZ

  • Dadelszen

  • The Duo

    The Duo
  • Get Cars

    Get Cars
  • O-I Glass Australia

    O-I Glass Australia
  • Good Gold

    Good Gold
  • Aspiring Law

    Aspiring Law
  • Yu Mei

    Yu Mei
  • Lullabuy

  • Reejig

  • Sans Ceuticals

    Sans Ceuticals
  • Originair

  • Safety 'n Action

    Safety 'n Action
  • Wild HQ

    Wild HQ
  • Datamars

  • Aspire2 Group

    Aspire2 Group
  • Augusta Capital

    Augusta Capital
  • Te Hiringa Mahara

    Te Hiringa Mahara
  • Tronque

  • Oji Fibre Solutions

    Oji Fibre Solutions
  • Rookie Academy

    Rookie Academy
  • apm

  • Z-Tags

  • Tru-Test

  • Jarden Wealth

    Jarden Wealth
  • FirstCape


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