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Brand health is an extremely important metric for any business. The value of a brand can have massive implications on a business's market share, sales, loyalty and many other facets. The problem is that determining brand value is challenging and is often inaccurate or reduced to an ‘intangible’ metric.

Why is Brand Health Important?

At Frankly, we believe that measuring brand health is not only achievable but essential. However, what is even more important is measuring how that brand health is impacted over time while a business goes about its day-to-day functions. While a business may be able to determine the success of a specific campaign or marketing effort, a measurement of the ‘real’ impact on brand health is a lot more challenging.

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What is the Frankly Brand Health Indicator?

The Frankly Brand Health Indicator blends a large range of data sources relevant to a particular business to determine a tangible metric of brand value. This value is benchmarked against the relevant industry.

The Brand Health Indicator then measures how this metric changes over time. This means businesses can see an accurate picture, in real time, of how the various functions of their business are impacting their brand value and performance. This allows businesses to prioritise functions that have a positive growth effect on true brand value, and will specifically create huge efficiencies in key brand promotion areas like marketing and PR.

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The Brand Health Indicator prides itself on being the smartest brand measurement and media mix modelling tool for businesses and brands.

  • Proprietary Data Blend

    The Brand Health Indicator data blend is custom-tailored for each business to find what truly impacts your brand.

  • Benchmarked Against Competitors

    We benchmark your metrics against competitors to give real context to the brand health of your business.

  • Regression analysis

    Among other methods, we use multiple regression analysis to assess the impact of your marketing strategy and media mix modelling decisions.

  • Monthly Report

    Our monthly insights reports give you deeper and more relevant analysis to aid in your strategic decisions.

The Math

The Frankly Brand Health Indicator is built on a foundation of math and data

  • 15


    The Frankly Brand Health Indicator stitches together 15 unique datasets that inform the brand health score

  • 120%


    On average, the insights the Brand Health Indicator produces results in a 120% increase in effectiveness of marketing spend

  • 95%

    Statistical Significance

    Each Brand Health Indicator is tested until it reaches 95% statistical significance


Frankly's Brand Health Indicator measures a range of different metrics to give clients a full view on how their brand is performing in the market.

  • Quarterly Competitor Brand Health

  • Brand Health Industry Market Share

  • Brand Health Over Time

The Brand Health Indicator measures and produces an actual value for a typically intangible value of ‘brand health’. It creates efficiencies in all brand efforts by comparing their immediate and direct impact on brand health.

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